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Introduction to Speech Processing

This is a collection of pedagogical material within the topic of speech and language technology. The idea is to provide teachers material for their courses, where they can pick and choose material which is appropriate for their own courses and self-study material on-line for anyone interested.

Authors:  Tom BäckströmOkko RäsänenAbraham ZewoudiePablo Pérez ZarazagaLiisa Koivusalo
Updated:  2022-01-27
Source:  https://wiki.aalto.fi/display/ITSP/Introduction+to+Speech+Processing
Keywords:  speechlanguagecommunicationeducationmachine-learningEnglish

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Vocal Tract Imaging: MR and CT Images

Three-dimensional reconstructions of vocal tract shapes based on image sets collected with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and x-ray computed tomography (CT).

Authors:  Brad Story
Updated:  2021-12-24
Source:  https://sal.arizona.edu/node/22
Keywords:  vocal-tractvowelimagesEnglish


Speech Banana

Speech Banana is a training application for people learning to hear with a cochlear implant or digital hearing aid. It is designed to build the skills needed for understanding everyday speech.

Authors:  Tilak RatnanatherJoanneMargoRohitLindseyBruceAdityaSeung WookInezEdricSunghoBenMitra
Updated:  2021-06-24
Source:  http://speechbanana.jhu.edu/
Keywords:  speech-recognitioncommunicationcochlear-implantsauditory-trainingEnglishKorean

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Online platform with interactive applications for teaching fundamentals of acoustics and vibration.

Authors:  Lennart MoheitaJohannes D. SchmidJonas M. SchmidMartin EserSteffen Marburg
Updated:  2021-01-01
Source:  http://www.apps.vib.mw.tum.de/
Keywords:  educationspectruminformation-technologyacousticselectromagnetic-radiationboundary-element-methodsamplitude-modulationcomputer-graphicsnoise-barriersmusical-instrumentssound-generation


Deep Learning Tutorials

A collection of tutorials on deep learning for phonetics and linguistics.

Authors:  Matthew C. Kelley
Updated:  2021-01-01
Source:  https://github.com/maetshju/moproc2019_deep_learning_workshop
Keywords:  educationneural-networksspeech-recognitiondeep-learning


Phonetics Images

Midsaggital images for teaching Phonetics and Speech Science.

Authors:  Benjamin V. Tucker
Updated:  2020-12-11
Source:  https://doi.org/10.7939/r3-3we9-1463
Keywords:  vocal-tractmidsagittalspeech-productionteachingdiagrams


Acoustics and Vibration Animations

Animations illustrating acoustics, vibration, and wave phenomena.

Authors:  Daniel A. Russell
Updated:  2020-11-28
Source:  https://www.acs.psu.edu/drussell/demos.html
Keywords:  acousticsvibrationwavesanimationssound


The Model Talker System

The ModelTalker System converts plain English text to speech. It uses recorded speech (either from a prospective SGD user or from a voice donor chosen by or for the SGD user) to create a unique synthetic voice.

Authors:  H. Timothy BunnellJason LilleyMatthew BuzzellMaxwell SchmidBill MoyersDerek Freer
Updated:  2020-06-25
Source:  https://www.modeltalker.org/
Keywords:  languagecommunicationspeechphonologymorphologyEnglish


3D Brain

An interactive model of the brain to identify structures and functions.

Authors:  Matt WimsattJack SimpsonJohn MorrisonPatrick HofEdward LeinLevi GadyeAlexis WnukJane Roskams
Updated:  2017-12-24
Source:  https://www.brainfacts.org/3d-brain#intro=true
Keywords:  brainpsychologycognitionEnglish


Real-time MRI IPA Charts

Real-time MRI data from phoneticians producing the sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet, together with standard sentences and texts.

Authors:  Asterios ToutiosSajan Goud LingalaColin VazJangwon KimJohn EslingPatricia KeatingMatthew GordonDani ByrdLouis GoldsteinKrishna NayakShrikanth Narayanan
Updated:  2016-09-08
Source:  https://sail.usc.edu/span/rtmri_ipa/
Keywords:  IPAphoneticsspeech-soundsarticulationMRIreal-time-MRI

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