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PsyToolkit is a free-to-use toolkit for demonstrating, programming, and running cognitive-psychological experiments and surveys, including personality tests.

Authors:  Gijsbert Stoet
Updated:  2021-12-23
Source:  https://www.psytoolkit.org/
Keywords:  psychologyeducationexperimentquestionnairecognition

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Expyriment is an open-source Python library for designing and conducting timing-critical behavioural and neuroimaging experiments.

Authors:  Florian KrauseOliver Lindemann
Updated:  2021-11-16
Source:  https://www.expyriment.org/
Keywords:  cognitionneuroimagingpsychologyneuroscienceexperimentPythonEnglish


The Emotion Recognition Task

The ERT is a computerized task to assess the perception of facial expressions. The task presents morphed facial expressions that gradually increase in intensity.

Authors:  Barbara MontagneRoy KesselsDavid PerrettEdward de Haan
Updated:  2020-12-24
Source:  https://www.emotionrecognitiontask.com/
Keywords:  emotionpsychologyneuropsychologycognitionDutchEnglishGermanFrenchSpanishFinnishItalianRussianLithuanianGreekPortugueseTurkish


The Internal Representations Questionnaire

The Internal Representations Questionnaire (IRQ) is a measure designed to quantify the subjective format of thought. There are four factors in the questionnaire namely; visual imagery, propensity to verbalize, representational manipulation and orthographic imagery.

Authors:  Hettie RoebuckPierce EdmistonGary Lupyan
Updated:  2020-07-14
Source:  https://osf.io/8rdzh/
Keywords:  psychologycognitionquestionnairelanguageEnglish


The Language 0-5 Project

A collection of data from the Language05 project that tracks children's language development and processing ability from 6 months to 4-6 years.

Authors:  Caroline Rowland Samantha Durrant Michelle Peter Amy Bidgood Julian Pine Lana S. Jago
Updated:  2018-12-24
Source:  https://osf.io/kau5f/
Keywords:  Child LanguageAcquisitioncognitionEnglish


3D Brain

An interactive model of the brain to identify structures and functions.

Authors:  Matt WimsattJack SimpsonJohn MorrisonPatrick HofEdward LeinLevi GadyeAlexis WnukJane Roskams
Updated:  2017-12-24
Source:  https://www.brainfacts.org/3d-brain#intro=true
Keywords:  brainpsychologycognitionEnglish

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MouseTracker is a freely available, user-friendly software package that allows researchers to record and analyze hand movements traveling toward potential responses on the screen (via the x, y coordinates of the computer mouse).

Authors:  Jon Freeman & Nalini Ambady
Updated:  2016-12-24
Source:  http://www.mousetracker.org/
Keywords:  softwarecognitionpsychologyexperiment

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