Welcome to the Speech and Language Resource Bank!

Here you can find links to a wide range of resources for research and teaching on speech and language. Our ultimate aim with this site is to provide a comprehensive index of the available resources in the field, complete with essential metadata and crosslinks between related work.

If you would like to contribute, particularly if you would like your own resource indexed on this site, please fill out the form, join the Slack channel (slrbank.slack.com), or check out the Github organization (github.com/slrbnet).

We're hiring

We're hiring one hourly research assistant to help index resources for research and teaching in the speech sciences. Candidates from linguistics, psychology, speech & hearing, communication sciences and disorders, and related disciplines are invited to apply. Unfortunately, we can only hire US citizens and residents at this time.

As an indexer for the SLRB your job will include the following:

  1. Compiling a list of resources (e.g., databases, software, teaching tools, scripts / programming language libraries)

  2. Writing metadata on those resources so that they can be indexed on our site

  3. Emailing resource authors to notify them of their inclusion in the site and to receive feedback on any necessary corrections to their entries

This work will not only provide a vital service to the speech science community, but will also provide opportunities to network with researchers and educators in the field.

Compensation for this work will be 10 USD / hour for a maximum of 100 total hours. Your schedule and the number of hours you work per week is flexible.

Interested applicants should email a copy of their CV and a short description of their background to Charles Redmon (charles.redmon@ling-phil.ox.ac.uk), quoting "SLRB Indexer Application" in the subject line. Also feel free to email us if you have any general inquiries about the job.

This position will remain open until filled, but we are looking to fill them quickly so earlier applicants will be given priority.

Interested in adding a resource to the SLRB?

You may submit metadata for your resource through this form:


The resources in the SLRB are broadly organized into four categories:


Anything related to the analysis of speech/language data, including software, packages/libraries for programming languages, and individual scripts will be indexed here.


All data resources, including audio, video, and text corpora, as well as experimental data such as participant responses in behavioral perception tasks, will be indexed here.


Any educational material that would be useful for teaching speech/language science at any level will be indexed here. This includes images/diagrams, videos, and material (software or hardware) for classroom demonstrations.


Resources that may be used in designing or implementing experiments on speech and language, from software to run the experiment to code to generate experimental stimuli, will be indexed here.


Charles Redmon (email)
Matthew C. Kelley (email)
Benjamin V. Tucker (email)