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Soundgen is an open-source toolbox for voice synthesis, manipulation, and analysis.

Authors:  Andrey Anikin
Updated:  2021-11-21
Source:  https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=soundgen
Keywords:  sound-synthesispitchexperimentfrequencyprogrammingacoustics

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Automatic Linguistic Unit Count Estimator (ALICE)

ALICE is a tool for estimating the number of adult-spoken linguistic units from child-centered audio recordings, as captured by microphones worn by children. It is meant as an open-source alternative for LENA adult word count (AWC) estimator.

Authors:  Okko RäsänenShreyas SeshadriMarvin LavechinAlejandrina CristiaMarisa Casillas
Updated:  2021-11-02
Source:  https://github.com/orasanen/ALICE
Keywords:  languagelinguisticsphoneticsspeech-productionArgentinian SpanishTseltalYélî DnyeEnglish


LexiCAL: A Calculator for Lexical Variables

A calculator for extracting various metrics from a corpus or other input.

Authors:  Qian Wen CheeKeng Ji ChowWinston D. GohMelvin J. Yap
Updated:  2021-04-30
Source:  https://osf.io/ydh6e/?view_only=
Keywords:  calculatoralphabeticalPython.

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ANL Frequency-Following Responses

A set of tools to analyze and interpret auditory steady-state responses, particularly the subcortical kind commonly known as frequency-following responses (FFRs).

Authors:  Hari BharadwajHao LuLenny Varghese
Updated:  2021-04-04
Source:  https://github.com/SNAPsoftware/ANLffr
Keywords:  auditionfrequencyPythonphase-lockingEEG

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A collection of functions to analyze phonetic data in Julia.

Authors:  Matthew C. Kelley
Updated:  2021-02-08
Source:  https://github.com/maetshju/phonetics.jl
Keywords:  juliavowelsplottinglexiconacoustic-distanceneighborhood-densityphonotactic-probability

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Nasalization from Acoustic Features (NAF)

R code implementing a methodology for the automatic measurement of vowel nasalization from acoustic data.

Authors:  Christopher Carignan
Updated:  2021-02-04
Source:  https://github.com/ChristopherCarignan/NAF/
Keywords:  nasalizationphoneticsmachine-learningMFCCacousticsR


Python 3.7 resources to evaluate bigram and trigram frequencies in corpora.

Authors:  Jeroen van ParidonBill Thompson
Updated:  2019-12-24
Source:  https://github.com/jvparidon/subs2vec
Keywords:  languagebigramtrigramlexical normspsycholinguisticsAfrikaansArabicBulgarianBengaliBretonBosnianCatalanCzechDanishGermanGreekEnglishEsperantoSpanishEstonianBasqueFarsiFinnishFrenchGalicianHebrewHindiCroatianHungarianArmenianIndonesianIcelandicItalianGeorgianKazakhKoreanLithuanianLatvianMacedonianMalayalamMalayDutchNorwegianPolishPortugueseRomanianRussianSinhalaSlovakSlovenianAlbanianSerbianSwedishTamilTeluguTagalogTurkishUkranianUrduVietnamese


Auditory Grouping Cues

Here, we derive auditory grouping cues by measuring and summarizing statistics of natural sound features.

Authors:  Wiktor MłynarskiJosh H. McDermott
Updated:  2019-12-10
Source:  http://mcdermottlab.mit.edu/grouping_statistics/index.html
Keywords:  sensoryauditionfrequencyharmony


Illusory Texture Demos

Here you will find some sound examples demonstrating the phenomenon of "illusory sound texture."

Authors:  Richard McWalter and Josh McDermott
Updated:  2019-11-24
Source:  http://mcdermottlab.mit.edu/textcont.html
Keywords:  sound-textureperceptionspeechmusic


SNAFU: the Semantic Network and Fluency Utility

A set of resources for analyzing fluency data

Authors:  Jeffrey C. Zemla & Joseph L. Austerweil
Updated:  2018-12-24
Source:  https://github.com/AusterweilLab/snafu-py
Keywords:  linguisticssemanticsexperimentationage of acquisitionfluency

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