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A collection of functions to analyze phonetic data in Julia.

Authors:  Matthew C. Kelley
Updated:  2021-02-08
Source:  https://github.com/maetshju/phonetics.jl
Keywords:  juliavowelsplottinglexiconacoustic-distanceneighborhood-densityphonotactic-probability


Similarity Neighborhood Calculator

A web-based calculator to compute phonological similarity neighborhoods (including neighborhood density and neighborhood frequency).

Authors:  Michael Vitevitch
Updated:  2016-12-24
Source:  https://calculator.ku.edu/density/about
Keywords:  neighborhood-densityphonological-neighborsphoneticspsychologyArabicEnglishSpanish



EsPal is based on an extensible set of data sources, beginning with a 300 million token written database and a 460 million token subtitle database.

Authors:  Andrew DuchonManuel PereaNuria Sebastián-GallésAntonia MartíManuel Carreiras
Updated:  2013-01-26
Source:  https://www.bcbl.eu/databases/espal/
Keywords:  phonological-neighborsfrequencydatabaseneighborhood-densitypsycholinguisticslanguageSpanish

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CLEARPOND: Cross-Linguistic Easy-Access Resource for Phonological and Orthographic Neighborhood Densitites

CLEARPOND provides a user-friendly, web-based interface for obtaining Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish phonological and orthographic neighborhood densities (or, PONDs).

Authors:  Viorica MarianJames BartolottiSarah ChabalAnthony Shook
Updated:  2012-12-24
Source:  https://clearpond.northwestern.edu/index.html
Keywords:  linguisticsphoneticsneighborhood-densitydatabaselexiconDutchEnglishFrenchGermanSpanish


Neighborhood Density Measures for 57,153 English Words.

An online database of neighborhood density measures for over 50,000 English words

Authors:  Cyrus ShaolChris Westbury
Updated:  2010-12-24
Source:  https://www.psych.ualberta.ca/~westburylab/downloads/westburylab.arcs.ncounts.html
Keywords:  Englishneighborhood densityorthographyfrequency

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