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Authors:  Jack Taylor
Updated:  2022-12-24
Source:  https://jackedtaylor.github.io/LexOPSdocs/
Keywords:  PsychologyStimuli GenerationEnglish

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Tatool (Training and Testing Tool) was developed to assist researchers with programming training software, experiments, and questionnaires.

Authors:  Claudia C. von BastianAndré LocherMichael Ruflin
Updated:  2022-01-24
Source:  http://www.tatool.ch/
Keywords:  psychologyexperimentJavasoftwareEnglishGerman



LinguaPix is a database of picture naming norms. 1,620 colour photographs of items spanning across 42 semantic categories were named and rated by a group of German speakers (and are currently evaluated by a group of Dutch, English, Polish, and Cantonese speakers).

Authors:  Agniszka Ewa KrautzEmmanuel KeuleersGabriella RundbladSusanna Yeung
Updated:  2021-12-24
Source:  https://linguapix.uni-mannheim.de/frontend/web/
Keywords:  psychologylinguisticssemanticsaudiopicture-namingEnglishGermanPolish

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PsyToolkit is a free-to-use toolkit for demonstrating, programming, and running cognitive-psychological experiments and surveys, including personality tests.

Authors:  Gijsbert Stoet
Updated:  2021-12-23
Source:  https://www.psytoolkit.org/
Keywords:  psychologyeducationexperimentquestionnairecognition


The Prototypical Stimulus Characteristics Toolbox: Protosc

Protosc, for Prototypical Stimulus Characteristics, is a Matlab toolbox to help the user to find the features of 2 or more categories of images that separate and define the categories.

Authors:  Sjoerd StuitChris PaffenStefan Van der Stigchel
Updated:  2021-12-17
Source:  https://osf.io/f6nbu/
Keywords:  psychologyexperimentMatlabEnglish

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Expyriment is an open-source Python library for designing and conducting timing-critical behavioural and neuroimaging experiments.

Authors:  Florian KrauseOliver Lindemann
Updated:  2021-11-16
Source:  https://www.expyriment.org/
Keywords:  cognitionneuroimagingpsychologyneuroscienceexperimentPythonEnglish

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Interactive experiments for the behavioral sciences (and beyond).

Authors:  Felix HenningerPascal J. KieslichBenjamin E. Hilbig
Updated:  2021-11-03
Source:  https://github.com/psynteract/
Keywords:  experimentpsychologyPythonEnglish

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psiTurk, is an open-source project that facilitates the creation, deployment, sharing, and replication of web-based psychology experiments.

Authors:  Todd M. GureckisJay MartinJohn McDonnellAlexander S. RichDoug MarkantAnna CoenenDavid HalpernJessica B. HamrickPatricia Chan
Updated:  2021-10-05
Source:  https://psiturk.org/
Keywords:  psychologydatabaseexperimentPythonJavaScript

open   documented  


OpenSesame is a program for easy of development of behavioral experiments for psychology, neuroscience, and experimental economy.

Authors:  Sebastiaan MathôtDaniel SchreijJan Theeuwes
Updated:  2021-09-06
Source:  https://osdoc.cogsci.nl/
Keywords:  psychologyexperimentneurosciencePythonJavaScriptEnglishFrenchSpanish


The Event Task Stimulus Set

The Event Task Stimulus Set was created to measure access to generalized events stored in semantic memory. It has been examined in a large normative sample as well as in people with neurological disorders (Dresang, Dickey, & Warren, 2020), and to measure semantic violations in visual processing (Proverbio & Riva, 2009).

Authors:  Federica RivaHaley C. DresangMichael Walsh DickeyTessa WarrenAlice Mado Proverbio
Updated:  2021-06-15
Source:  https://osf.io/pzqcj/
Keywords:  languagememorypsychologyaphasiaexperimentEnglish

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