Authors: Agniszka Ewa KrautzEmmanuel KeuleersGabriella RundbladSusanna Yeung
Updated: Fri 24 December 2021
Type: picture database, audio recordings
Languages: English, German, Polish
Keywords: psychologylinguisticssemanticsaudiopicture-namingEnglishGermanPolish
Open Access: yes
Publications: Krautz, A. E., & Keuleers, E. (2021). LinguaPix database: A megastudy of picture-naming norms. Behavior Research Methods, 1-14.
Citation: Krautz, et al. (2021). LinguaPix. Fritz Thyssen Stiftung.

1,620 colour photographs of items spanning across 42 semantic categories were named and rated by a group of German speakers. This was done to establish the following linguistic norms: speech onset times (SOT), name agreement, accuracy, familiarity, visual complexity, valence, and arousal. The data, including over 64,000 audio files, were used to create the LinguaPix database of pictures, audio recordings, and linguistic norms, which to our knowledge, is the largest available research tool of its kind.