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The Prototypical Stimulus Characteristics Toolbox: Protosc

Protosc, for Prototypical Stimulus Characteristics, is a Matlab toolbox to help the user to find the features of 2 or more categories of images that separate and define the categories.

Authors:  Sjoerd StuitChris PaffenStefan Van der Stigchel
Updated:  2021-12-17
Source:  https://osf.io/f6nbu/
Keywords:  psychologyexperimentMatlabEnglish

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Generate cochleagrams natively in Python. Ported from Josh McDermott's MATLAB code.

Authors:  Ray GonzalezJosh H. McDermottJenelle FeatherMax SiegelAndrew Francl
Updated:  2018-08-20
Source:  https://github.com/mcdermottLab/pycochleagram
Keywords:  experimentPythonMATLABcochleagram

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The TimeStudio Project

The TimeStudio Project is dedicated to the behavioral and brain sciences and is a completely free scientific workflow tool. TimeStudio allow researchers to quickly build a sequence of analysis steps by using a modular plugin structure.

Authors:  Pär NyströmTerje Falck-YtterGustaf Gredebäck
Updated:  2016-12-24
Source:  http://timestudioproject.com/
Keywords:  psychologyexperimentMATLABneurosciencedatabase

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LeTalker is the name of a Matlab GUI version of the three-mass model of vocal fold vibration originally described in: Story and Titze (1995). LeTalker includes both subglottal and supraglottal (vocal tract) systems.

Authors:  Brad StoryIngo Titze
Updated:  2013-08-05
Source:  https://sal.arizona.edu/node/10
Keywords:  vocal-tractcodematlabEnglish

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