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An open-source, cross-platform toolbox for minimal-effort programming of eye tracking experiments.

Authors:  Edwin S. DalmaijerSebastiaan MathôtStefan Van der Stigchel
Updated:  2021-12-03
Source:  http://www.pygaze.org/
Keywords:  eyetrackingvisual-stimulusauditory-stimulusPythonexperimentprogramming

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Expyriment is an open-source Python library for designing and conducting timing-critical behavioural and neuroimaging experiments.

Authors:  Florian KrauseOliver Lindemann
Updated:  2021-11-16
Source:  https://www.expyriment.org/
Keywords:  cognitionneuroimagingpsychologyneuroscienceexperimentPythonEnglish

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Interactive experiments for the behavioral sciences (and beyond).

Authors:  Felix HenningerPascal J. KieslichBenjamin E. Hilbig
Updated:  2021-11-03
Source:  https://github.com/psynteract/
Keywords:  experimentpsychologyPythonEnglish

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psiTurk, is an open-source project that facilitates the creation, deployment, sharing, and replication of web-based psychology experiments.

Authors:  Todd M. GureckisJay MartinJohn McDonnellAlexander S. RichDoug MarkantAnna CoenenDavid HalpernJessica B. HamrickPatricia Chan
Updated:  2021-10-05
Source:  https://psiturk.org/
Keywords:  psychologydatabaseexperimentPythonJavaScript

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OpenSesame is a program for easy of development of behavioral experiments for psychology, neuroscience, and experimental economy.

Authors:  Sebastiaan MathôtDaniel SchreijJan Theeuwes
Updated:  2021-09-06
Source:  https://osdoc.cogsci.nl/
Keywords:  psychologyexperimentneurosciencePythonJavaScriptEnglishFrenchSpanish


LexiCAL: A Calculator for Lexical Variables

A calculator for extracting various metrics from a corpus or other input.

Authors:  Qian Wen CheeKeng Ji ChowWinston D. GohMelvin J. Yap
Updated:  2021-04-30
Source:  https://osf.io/ydh6e/?view_only=
Keywords:  calculatoralphabeticalPython.

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An open-source package for running experiments in Python.

Authors:  Jonathan W. PeirceJeremy R. GraySol SimpsonMichael R. MacAskillRichard HöchenbergerHiroyuki SogoErik KastmanJonas K. Lindeløv
Updated:  2021-04-15
Source:  psychopy.org
Keywords:  pythonexperimentneurosciencelinguisticspsychologypsychophysicspsycholinguisticsexperiment-controlexperimental-design

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ANL Frequency-Following Responses

A set of tools to analyze and interpret auditory steady-state responses, particularly the subcortical kind commonly known as frequency-following responses (FFRs).

Authors:  Hari BharadwajHao LuLenny Varghese
Updated:  2021-04-04
Source:  https://github.com/SNAPsoftware/ANLffr
Keywords:  auditionfrequencyPythonphase-lockingEEG

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A free, open source Python 3D graphics library called Ratcave that extends existing Python psychology stimulus software by allowing scientists to load, display, and transform 3D stimuli created in 3D modeling software.

Authors:  Nicholas A. Del Grosso & Anton Sirota
Updated:  2020-12-18
Source:  https://github.com/ratcave/ratcave
Keywords:  psychologyPythonexperimentsoftwareEnglish

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Generate cochleagrams natively in Python. Ported from Josh McDermott's MATLAB code.

Authors:  Ray GonzalezJosh H. McDermottJenelle FeatherMax SiegelAndrew Francl
Updated:  2018-08-20
Source:  https://github.com/mcdermottLab/pycochleagram
Keywords:  experimentPythonMATLABcochleagram

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