LexiCAL: A Calculator for Lexical Variables

Authors: Qian Wen CheeKeng Ji ChowWinston D. GohMelvin J. Yap
Updated: Fri 30 April 2021
Source: https://osf.io/ydh6e/?view_only=
Type: Calculator
Languages: N/A
Keywords: calculatoralphabeticalPython.
Open Access: yes
Citation: Chee, Q. W., Chow, K. J., Goh, W. D., & Yap, M. J. (2021). LexiCAL: A calculator for lexical variables. Plos one, 16(4), e0250891.

LexiCAL is a standalone executable that provides options for users to calculate a range of theoretically influential surface, orthographic, phonological, and phonographic metrics for any alphabetic language, using any user-specified input, corpus file, and phonetic system. LexiCAL also comes with a set of well-documented Python scripts for each metric, that can be reproduced and/or modified for other research purposes.