Authors: Felix HenningerPascal J. KieslichBenjamin E. Hilbig
Updated: Wed 03 November 2021
Type: software
Languages: English
Keywords: experimentpsychologyPythonEnglish
Open Access: yes
License: GNU-3
Publications: Henninger, F., Kieslich, P.J. & Hilbig, B.E. (2017). Psynteract: A flexible, cross-platform, open framework for interactive experiments. Behavior Research Methods. 49(5), 1605–1614.
Citation: Henninger, F., & Kieslich, P. (2016). Psynteract. Github.

The software serves the rapidly growing field of strategic interaction research within psychology and behavioral economics. In contrast to all available software packages, our platform does not handle stimulus display and response collection itself. Instead, we provide a mechanism to extend existing experimental software to incorporate interactive functionality. This approach allows us to draw upon the capabilities already available, such as accuracy of temporal measurement, integration with auxiliary hardware such as eye-trackers or (neuro-)physiological apparatus, and recent advances in experimental software, for example capturing response dynamics through mouse-tracking. Through integration with OpenSesame, an open-source graphical experiment builder, studies can be assembled via a drag-and-drop interface requiring little or no further programming skills. In addition, by using the same communication mechanism across software packages, we also enable interoperability between systems.