Authors: Claudia C. von BastianAndré LocherMichael Ruflin
Updated: Mon 24 January 2022
Source: http://www.tatool.ch/
Type: web software and Java Script
Languages: English, German
Keywords: psychologyexperimentJavasoftwareEnglishGerman
Open Access: yes
License: GPL-3.0
Documentation: http://www.tatool-web.com/#!/doc/main-start.html
Publications: von Bastian, C.C., Locher, A. & Ruflin, M. (2013).
Citation: von Bastian, C.C., Locher, A. & Ruflin, M. (2013). Tatool: A Java-based open-source programming framework for psychological studies. Behavior Research Methods. 45, 108–115. https://doi.org/10.3758/s13428-012-0224-y

Tatool (Training and Testing Tool) was developed to assist researchers with programming training software, experiments, and questionnaires. Tatool is Java-based, and thus is a platform-independent and object-oriented framework. The architecture was designed to meet the requirements of experimental designs and provides a large number of predefined functions that are useful in psychological studies. Tatool comprises features crucial for training studies (e.g., configurable training schedules, adaptive training algorithms, and individual training statistics) and allows for running studies online via Java Web Start. The accompanying “Tatool Online” platform provides the possibility to manage studies and participants’ data easily with a Web-based interface.