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A collection of functions to analyze phonetic data in Julia.

Authors:  Matthew C. Kelley
Updated:  2021-02-08
Source:  https://github.com/maetshju/phonetics.jl
Keywords:  juliavowelsplottinglexiconacoustic-distanceneighborhood-densityphonotactic-probability


Deep Learning Tutorials

A collection of tutorials on deep learning for phonetics and linguistics.

Authors:  Matthew C. Kelley
Updated:  2021-01-01
Source:  https://github.com/maetshju/moproc2019_deep_learning_workshop
Keywords:  educationneural-networksspeech-recognitiondeep-learning

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Massive Auditory Lexical Decision database

Behavioral data and stimuli from an auditory lexical decision megastudy (26,793 words and 9592 pseudowords)

Authors:  Benjamin V. TuckerDaniel BrennerD. Kyle DanielsonMatthew C. KelleyFilip NenadićMichelle Sims
Updated:  2018-06-18
Source:  http://mald.artsrn.ualberta.ca/
Keywords:  auditory-lexical-decisionfrequencyphonological-neighborsenglishaudio-databehavioral-dataspoken-word-recognitionmegastudy

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