Massive Auditory Lexical Decision database

Authors: Benjamin V. TuckerDaniel BrennerD. Kyle DanielsonMatthew C. KelleyFilip NenadićMichelle Sims
Updated: Mon 18 June 2018
Type: audio data, behavioral data
Languages: english
Keywords: auditory-lexical-decisionfrequencyphonological-neighborsenglishaudio-databehavioral-dataspoken-word-recognitionmegastudy
Open Access: yes
Publications: Tucker et al. (2019)
Citation: Tucker, B. V., Brenner, D., Danielson, D. K., Kelley, M. C., Nenadić, F., & Sims, M. (2019). The massive auditory lexical decision (MALD) database. *Behavior research methods, 51*(3), 1187-1204.

The Massive Auditory Lexical Decision (MALD) database is an end-to-end, freely available auditory and production data set for speech and psycholinguistic research, providing time-aligned stimulus recordings for 26,793 words and 9592 pseudowords, and response data for 227,179 auditory lexical decisions from 231 unique monolingual English listeners. In addition to the experimental data, we provide many precompiled listener- and item-level descriptor variables. This data set makes it easy to explore responses, build and test theories, and compare a wide range of models. We present summary statistics and analyses.