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Automatic Linguistic Unit Count Estimator (ALICE)

ALICE is a tool for estimating the number of adult-spoken linguistic units from child-centered audio recordings, as captured by microphones worn by children. It is meant as an open-source alternative for LENA adult word count (AWC) estimator.

Authors:  Okko RäsänenShreyas SeshadriMarvin LavechinAlejandrina CristiaMarisa Casillas
Updated:  2021-11-02
Source:  https://github.com/orasanen/ALICE
Keywords:  languagelinguisticsphoneticsspeech-productionArgentinian SpanishTseltalYélî DnyeEnglish

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Nasalization from Acoustic Features (NAF)

R code implementing a methodology for the automatic measurement of vowel nasalization from acoustic data.

Authors:  Christopher Carignan
Updated:  2021-02-04
Source:  https://github.com/ChristopherCarignan/NAF/
Keywords:  nasalizationphoneticsmachine-learningMFCCacousticsR


Phonotactic Probability Calculator

Used to calculate the phonotactic probabilities of real English, Arabic, and Spanish words or specially constructed nonwords. Analyses can be performed on words or nonwords up to 17 phonemes in length.

Authors:  Michael Vitevitch
Updated:  2018-12-24
Source:  https://calculator.ku.edu/phonotactic/about
Keywords:  phonotactic-probabilitypsychologyphoneticslanguage-processingArabicEnglishSpanish

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Time Invariant String Kernel Model

TISK is the Time Invariant String Model of (human) spoken word recognition.

Authors:  Heejo YouThomas HannaganJames Magnuson
Updated:  2017-12-15
Source:  https://github.com/maglab-uconn/TISK1.0
Keywords:  word-recognitionphoneticspythonEnglish

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The LSE-Sign database is a free online tool for selecting Spanish Sign Language stimulus materials to be used in experiments.

Authors:  Eva Gutierrez-SigutBrendan CostelloCristina BausManuel Carreiras
Updated:  2016-12-24
Source:  http://lse-sign.bcbl.eu/web-busqueda/
Keywords:  psycholinguisticsphoneticsdatabaseSpanish-Sign-LanguageSpanish


Similarity Neighborhood Calculator

A web-based calculator to compute phonological similarity neighborhoods (including neighborhood density and neighborhood frequency).

Authors:  Michael Vitevitch
Updated:  2016-12-24
Source:  https://calculator.ku.edu/density/about
Keywords:  neighborhood-densityphonological-neighborsphoneticspsychologyArabicEnglishSpanish


Real-time MRI IPA Charts

Real-time MRI data from phoneticians producing the sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet, together with standard sentences and texts.

Authors:  Asterios ToutiosSajan Goud LingalaColin VazJangwon KimJohn EslingPatricia KeatingMatthew GordonDani ByrdLouis GoldsteinKrishna NayakShrikanth Narayanan
Updated:  2016-09-08
Source:  https://sail.usc.edu/span/rtmri_ipa/
Keywords:  IPAphoneticsspeech-soundsarticulationMRIreal-time-MRI



PhonItalia is an open access lexical database that provides phonological representations for 120,000 Italian word-forms.

Authors:  Jeremy GoslinClaudia GaluzziCristina Romani
Updated:  2014-07-16
Source:  http://www.psy.plymouth.ac.uk/research/jgoslin/phonitalia/
Keywords:  lexiconlinguisticsdatabasephoneticsspeechword-formsItalian


Nijmegen Corpus of Casual Czech

The Nijmegen Corpus of Casual Czech contains 30 hours of high-quality recordings featuring 60 Czech speakers conversing among friends.

Authors:  Mirjam ErnestusLucie Kočková-AmortováPetr Pollak
Updated:  2014-05-24
Source:  https://mirjamernestus.nl/Ernestus/NCCCz/index.php
Keywords:  languagecommunicationphoneticsCzech

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CLEARPOND: Cross-Linguistic Easy-Access Resource for Phonological and Orthographic Neighborhood Densitites

CLEARPOND provides a user-friendly, web-based interface for obtaining Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish phonological and orthographic neighborhood densities (or, PONDs).

Authors:  Viorica MarianJames BartolottiSarah ChabalAnthony Shook
Updated:  2012-12-24
Source:  https://clearpond.northwestern.edu/index.html
Keywords:  linguisticsphoneticsneighborhood-densitydatabaselexiconDutchEnglishFrenchGermanSpanish

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