Real-time MRI IPA Charts

Authors: Asterios ToutiosSajan Goud LingalaColin VazJangwon KimJohn EslingPatricia KeatingMatthew GordonDani ByrdLouis GoldsteinKrishna NayakShrikanth Narayanan
Updated: Thu 08 September 2016
Type: software (online)
Languages: cross-linguistic
Keywords: IPAphoneticsspeech-soundsarticulationMRIreal-time-MRI
Open Access: yes
License: CC
Publications: Toutios et al. (2016)
Citation: Toutios, A., Lingala, S. G., Vaz, C., Kim, J., Esling, J., Keating, P., Gordon, M., Byrd, D., Goldstein, L., Nayak, K., & Narayanan, S. (2016). Illustrating the production of the International Phonetic Alphabet sounds using fast real-time magnetic resonance imaging. Interspeech, San Francisco, CA.

This paper introduces an on-line rtMRI speech production data resource of a large subset of the sounds of the world’s languages as encoded in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), with supplementary English words and phonetically-balanced texts, produced by four prominent phoneticians. The technique images the entirety of the vocal tract in the production of each sound category. This resource is envisioned as a teaching tool in pronunciation training, second language acquisition, and speech therapy.