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Automatic Linguistic Unit Count Estimator (ALICE)

ALICE is a tool for estimating the number of adult-spoken linguistic units from child-centered audio recordings, as captured by microphones worn by children. It is meant as an open-source alternative for LENA adult word count (AWC) estimator.

Authors:  Okko RäsänenShreyas SeshadriMarvin LavechinAlejandrina CristiaMarisa Casillas
Updated:  2021-11-02
Source:  https://github.com/orasanen/ALICE
Keywords:  languagelinguisticsphoneticsspeech-productionArgentinian SpanishTseltalYélî DnyeEnglish


Phonetics Images

Midsaggital images for teaching Phonetics and Speech Science.

Authors:  Benjamin V. Tucker
Updated:  2020-12-11
Source:  https://doi.org/10.7939/r3-3we9-1463
Keywords:  vocal-tractmidsagittalspeech-productionteachingdiagrams


USC Speech and Vocal Tract Morphology MRI Database

Database of volumetric and real-time vocal tract MRI for speech science.

Authors:  Tanner SorensenZisis SkordilisAsterios ToutiosYoon-Chul KimYinghua ZhuJangwon KimAdam LammertVikram RamanarayananLouis GoldsteinDani ByrdKrishna NayakShrikanth Narayanan
Updated:  2017-08-20
Source:  https://sail.usc.edu/span/morphdb/
Keywords:  individual-variabilityspeech-productionMRIenglish


USC-TIMIT: A database of multimodal speech production data

Real-time magnetic resonance imaging and electromagnetic articulography database for speech production research.

Authors:  Shrikanth NarayananAsterios ToutiosVikram RamanarayananAdam LammertJangwon KimSungbok LeeKrishna NayakYoon-Chul KimYinghua ZhuLouis GoldsteinDani ByrdErik BreschPrasanta GhoshAthanasios KatsamanisMichael Proctor
Updated:  2014-09-03
Source:  https://sail.usc.edu/span/usc-timit/
Keywords:  speech-productionMRIreal-time-MRIelectromagnetic-articulographyTIMIT


USC-EMO-MRI: An emotional speech production database

An emotional speech production database recorded by real-time magnetic resonance imaging.

Authors:  Jangwon KimAsterios ToutiosYoon-Chul KimYinghua ZhuSungbok LeeShrikanth Narayanan
Updated:  2014-05-05
Source:  https://sail.usc.edu/span/usc-emo-mri/
Keywords:  emotionspeech-productionMRIreal-time-MRIenglish

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