USC-TIMIT: A database of multimodal speech production data

Authors: Shrikanth NarayananAsterios ToutiosVikram RamanarayananAdam LammertJangwon KimSungbok LeeKrishna NayakYoon-Chul KimYinghua ZhuLouis GoldsteinDani ByrdErik BreschPrasanta GhoshAthanasios KatsamanisMichael Proctor
Updated: Wed 03 September 2014
Type: articulatory database
Languages: english
Keywords: speech-productionMRIreal-time-MRIelectromagnetic-articulographyTIMIT
Open Access: yes
License: CC
Publications: Narayanan et al. (2014)
Citation: Narayanan, S., Toutios, A., Ramanarayanan, V., Lammert, A., Kim, J., Lee, S., Nayak, K., Kim, Y-C., Zhu, Y., Goldstein, L., Byrd, D., Bresch, E., Ghosh, P., Katsamanis, A., & Proctor, M. (2014). Real-time magnetic resonance imaging and electromagnetic articulography database for speech production research (TC). Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 136(3), 1307-1311.

USC-TIMIT is a database of speech production data under ongoing development, which currently includes real-time magnetic resonance imaging data from five male and five female speakers of American English, and electromagnetic articulography data from four of these speakers. The two modalities were recorded in two independent sessions while the subjects produced the same 460 sentence corpus. In both cases acoustics were recorded in parallel with the articulatory data. The database, and companion software tools, are freely available to the research community.