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Introduction to Speech Processing

This is a collection of pedagogical material within the topic of speech and language technology. The idea is to provide teachers material for their courses, where they can pick and choose material which is appropriate for their own courses and self-study material on-line for anyone interested.

Authors:  Tom BäckströmOkko RäsänenAbraham ZewoudiePablo Pérez ZarazagaLiisa Koivusalo
Updated:  2022-01-27
Keywords:  speechlanguagecommunicationeducationmachine-learningEnglish


Aphasia Games for Health

Building a gaming community for people with aphasia by supporting the development of games for recovery, providing resources for designers, and making aphasia friendly games accessible.

Authors:  William EvansJessica HammerKathryn HymesHakan SeyalıoğluMeguey BakerDeidra BrownJill VentricePatricia HanbridgeCarol Dow-RichardsClio Yun-su DavisSammie KimTim Hutchings
Updated:  2021-09-29
Keywords:  languageaphasiaspeechreadingwritingEnglish


The DLD Diagnostics Toolbox

The purpose of this toolbox is to address questions related to the diagnosis of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).

Authors:  Lisa Archibald
Updated:  2021-07-06
Keywords:  languagespeechdevelopmenteducationspeech-pathologyEnglish


The Model Talker System

The ModelTalker System converts plain English text to speech. It uses recorded speech (either from a prospective SGD user or from a voice donor chosen by or for the SGD user) to create a unique synthetic voice.

Authors:  H. Timothy BunnellJason LilleyMatthew BuzzellMaxwell SchmidBill MoyersDerek Freer
Updated:  2020-06-25
Keywords:  languagecommunicationspeechphonologymorphologyEnglish


Illusory Texture Demos

Here you will find some sound examples demonstrating the phenomenon of "illusory sound texture."

Authors:  Richard McWalter and Josh McDermott
Updated:  2019-11-29
Keywords:  sound-textureperceptionspeechmusic

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CMU Sphinx is a set of speech recognition development libraries and tools that can be linked in to speech-enable applications.

Authors:  Evandro GouveaPeter GorniakPhilip KwokPaul LamereBeth LoganPedro MorenoBhiksha RajMosur RavishankarBent Schmidt-NielsenRita SinghJM Van ThongWillie WalkerManfred WarmuthJoe WoelfelPeter Wolf
Updated:  2019-10-23
Keywords:  speechprogrammingJavaexperimentEnglishFrenchMandarinGermanDutchRussian


Normative Data on Dutch Idiomatic Expressions

Normative data of 374 Dutch idiomatic expressions by 390 native speakers.

Authors:  Ferdy HubersCatia CucchiariniHelmer StrikTon Dijkstra
Updated:  2019-05-14
Keywords:  languagespeechEnglishDutch


Nijmegen Corpus of Spanish English

Around 38 hours of high-quality recordings featuring 34 Spanish speakers from Madrid talking in English to two Dutch confederates, in an informal and in a formal setting.

Authors:  Mirjam ErnestusHuib Kouwenhoven
Updated:  2018-04-06
Keywords:  languagecommunicationspeechEnglish

open   documented  

Combinatorial Expressive Speech Engine

C.L.E.E.S.E. (Combinatorial Expressive Speech Engine) is a tool designed to generate an infinite number of natural-sounding, expressive variations around an original speech recording.

Authors:  Juan José BurredEmmanuel Ponsot
Updated:  2018-03-29
Keywords:  languagespeechpitchFrenchEnglishJapanese


Inharmonic Pitch perception

Pitch-related music and speech tasks using conventional harmonic sounds and inharmonic sounds whose frequencies lack a common F0.

Authors:  Malinda J. McPherson & Josh H. McDermott
Updated:  2017-12-11
Keywords:  pitchfrequencymusicspeech



A fully automated tool that estimates speech onset on the basis of multiple acoustic features extracted via multitaper spectral analysis.

Authors:  Frédéric RouxBlair C. ArmstrongManuel Carreiras
Updated:  2017-10-29
Keywords:  speechpsychologyexperimentlanguageacoustics


The Fame! Speech Corpus

The Fame! Speech Corpus consists of 203 audio segments of approximately 5 minutes long extracted from various radio programs covering a time span of almost 50 years (1966-2015), adding a longitudinal dimension to the database.

Authors:  Henk van den Heuvel
Updated:  2016-12-16
Keywords:  speechaudiolanguageDutchFrisian

open   documented  

Phonological Assessment and Treatment Target (PATT) Selection

The PATT is a useful protocol for conducting a thorough assessment of a child’s speech in order to strategically select treatment targets based on the child’s presenting sound system, language laws, and treatment efficacy research.

Authors:  Jessica BarlowJennifer Taps RichardHolly StorkelPhilip CombithsRay Amberg
Updated:  2016-09-29
Keywords:  phonologylinguisticsspeechlanguageEnglishSpanish

open   documented  

AUditory syntaX (AUX)

AUX (AUditory syntaX) is a scripting syntax specifically designed to describe and process auditory signals. In a nutshell, it consists of 1) functions to create and process sound signals, 2) operators particularly relevant to sounds, and 3) usual mathematic operations that you may find in any programming language.

Authors:  Bomjun J. Kwon
Updated:  2016-07-20
Keywords:  speechlanguageauditionpsychoacousticword-recognitionexperimenteducationprogrammingEnglish


Natural Sounds Stimulus Set

The sound set includes 165 natural sounds, each 2-seconds in duration. The sounds were intended to include many of the sounds people commonly hear in their daily life.

Authors:  Sam Norman-HaignereNancy G. KanwisherJosh H. McDermott
Updated:  2015-11-29
Keywords:  speechmusicstimulifrequencyGermanFrenchItalianRussianHindiChinese


Attentive Tracking of Sound Sources

Humans track sound sources through feature space with a movable focus of attention. Attentive tracking aids segregation of similar sound sources.

Authors:  Kevin J.P. Woods & Josh H. McDermott
Updated:  2015-08-31
Keywords:  sound-sourcespeechaudition


USC CreativeIT database of multimodal dyadic interactions

Data from 16 actors, male and female, during their affective dyadic interactions ranging from 2-10 minutes each, and two types of improvised interactions: 2 sentence exercises and paraphrases.

Authors:  Angeliki MetallinouZhaojun YangChi-Chun LeeCarlos BussoSharon CarnickeShrikanth Narayanan
Updated:  2015-04-17
Keywords:  dyadic-interactionsspeechgesturesmotion-captureemotionenglish



PhonItalia is an open access lexical database that provides phonological representations for 120,000 Italian word-forms.

Authors:  Jeremy GoslinClaudia GaluzziCristina Romani
Updated:  2014-07-16
Keywords:  lexiconlinguisticsdatabasephoneticsspeechword-formsItalian



A multimodal corpus of speech to infant and adult listeners.

Authors:  Elizabeth JohnsonMybeth LaheyMirjam ErnestusAnne Cutler
Updated:  2013-11-08
Keywords:  speechlanguagevocabularyDutch


Nijmegen Corpus of Casual Spanish

Around 30 hours of high-quality recordings featuring 52 Spanish speakers from Madrid conversing among friends.

Authors:  Mirjam ErnestusFrancisco Torreira
Updated:  2012-09-18
Keywords:  languagespeechmorphologySpanish

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