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Introduction to Speech Processing

This is a collection of pedagogical material within the topic of speech and language technology. The idea is to provide teachers material for their courses, where they can pick and choose material which is appropriate for their own courses and self-study material on-line for anyone interested.

Authors:  Tom BäckströmOkko RäsänenAbraham ZewoudiePablo Pérez ZarazagaLiisa Koivusalo
Updated:  2022-01-27
Source:  https://wiki.aalto.fi/display/ITSP/Introduction+to+Speech+Processing
Keywords:  speechlanguagecommunicationeducationmachine-learningEnglish


Speech Banana

Speech Banana is a training application for people learning to hear with a cochlear implant or digital hearing aid. It is designed to build the skills needed for understanding everyday speech.

Authors:  Tilak RatnanatherJoanneMargoRohitLindseyBruceAdityaSeung WookInezEdricSunghoBenMitra
Updated:  2021-06-24
Source:  http://speechbanana.jhu.edu/
Keywords:  speech-recognitioncommunicationcochlear-implantsauditory-trainingEnglishKorean



The ASL-CDI 2.0 is an updated American Sign Language adaptation of the MacArthur Bates Communicative Development Inventory. It is an assessment of early vocabulary knowledge in children learning American Sign Language.

Authors:  Naomi CaselliJennie PyersAmy Lieberman
Updated:  2020-12-24
Source:  https://www.aslcdi.org/
Keywords:  vocabularylanguage-developmentcommunicationAmerican-Sign-LanguageEnglish


Corpus of Dutch Sign Language

The NGT is a collection data from deaf signers using Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT).

Authors:  Onno CrasbornInge ZwitserloodJohan Ros
Updated:  2020-12-24
Source:  https://www.corpusngt.nl/
Keywords:  languagecommunicationDutch-Sign-Language


The Model Talker System

The ModelTalker System converts plain English text to speech. It uses recorded speech (either from a prospective SGD user or from a voice donor chosen by or for the SGD user) to create a unique synthetic voice.

Authors:  H. Timothy BunnellJason LilleyMatthew BuzzellMaxwell SchmidBill MoyersDerek Freer
Updated:  2020-06-25
Source:  https://www.modeltalker.org/
Keywords:  languagecommunicationspeechphonologymorphologyEnglish



BilingBank is a component of TalkBank dedicated to providing corpora for the study of multilingualism.

Authors:  Brian MacWhinney
Updated:  2018-05-04
Source:  https://biling.talkbank.org/
Keywords:  bilingualmultilingualismlanguagecommunicationEnglish


Nijmegen Corpus of Spanish English

Around 38 hours of high-quality recordings featuring 34 Spanish speakers from Madrid talking in English to two Dutch confederates, in an informal and in a formal setting.

Authors:  Mirjam ErnestusHuib Kouwenhoven
Updated:  2018-04-06
Source:  https://mirjamernestus.nl/Ernestus/NCSE/index.php
Keywords:  languagecommunicationspeechEnglish


Tool for the Automatic Analysis of Lexical Sophistication

TAALES is a tool that measures over 400 classic and new indices of lexical sophistication, and includes indices related to a wide range of sub-constructs.

Authors:  Kristopher KyleScott CrossleyCynthia Berger
Updated:  2018-02-08
Source:  https://www.linguisticanalysistools.org/taales.html
Keywords:  languagelexiconcommunicationEnglish



RHDBank is used for the study of language in right hemisphere damage.

Authors:  Brian MacWhinney
Updated:  2017-08-30
Source:  https://rhd.talkbank.org/
Keywords:  languagecommunicationbrainEnglishSpanish



TBIBank is used for the study of language in traumatic brain injury.

Authors:  Brian MacWhinney
Updated:  2017-08-30
Source:  https://tbi.talkbank.org/
Keywords:  languagecommunicationbrain-injuryEnglish

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