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SpiCE: Speech in Cantonese and English

An open-access corpus of conversational bilingual Speech in Cantonese and English.

Authors:  Khia A. JohnsonMolly BabelIvan FongNancy Yiu
Updated:  2021-05-20
Source:  https://doi.org/10.5683/SP2/MJOXP3
Keywords:  bilingualconversationcorpuscantoneseenglish



The San Diego State University Bilingual Development in Context research lab has created and validated a set of assessment tools for the Vietnamese language.

Authors:  Giang T. PhamQuynh DamKerry EbertBen PhamVan PhamHien HoangLinh PhamNgoc TranKristine Thuy DinhSon PhamThong LeChris Nguyen
Updated:  2020-12-24
Source:  https://vietslp.sdsu.edu/
Keywords:  speech-pathologylanguagebilingualVietnamese


VL2 Storybook Apps

Stories told in sign language by fluent Deaf storytellers. Easy & accessible navigation designed for children. Page-by-page sign language videos supporting the printed sentences text. Rich interactive narrative with direct English to ASL vocabulary video translation. 120+ new vocabulary words with each app. Parents can learn new ASL signs along with their child.

Authors:  Motion Light Lab
Updated:  2020-12-24
Source:  https://vl2storybookapps.com/digital-library
Keywords:  languageeducationbilingualAmerican-Sign-LanguageEnglish



BilingBank is a component of TalkBank dedicated to providing corpora for the study of multilingualism.

Authors:  Brian MacWhinney
Updated:  2018-05-04
Source:  https://biling.talkbank.org/
Keywords:  bilingualmultilingualismlanguagecommunicationEnglish


Dutch Bilingualism Database

The Dutch Bilingualism Database contains over 1,500 sessions from a number of projects and research programs that were directed at investigating multilingualism.

Authors:  Pieter Muysken
Updated:  2008-12-24
Source:  http://portal.clarin.nl/node/4175
Keywords:  bilingualmultilingualismlanguageArabicBerberDutchEnglishPapiamentoSarnamiSrananTurkish

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