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An online database of the lexical and phonological properties of American Sign Language.

Authors:  Naomi CaselliKaren EmmoreyZed Sevcikova SehyrAriel Cohen-GoldbergCindy O'Grady Farnady
Updated:  2020-12-24
Source:  https://asl-lex.org/index.html
Keywords:  American-Sign-Languagelexiconphonologymorphemesemantics


The Model Talker System

The ModelTalker System converts plain English text to speech. It uses recorded speech (either from a prospective SGD user or from a voice donor chosen by or for the SGD user) to create a unique synthetic voice.

Authors:  H. Timothy BunnellJason LilleyMatthew BuzzellMaxwell SchmidBill MoyersDerek Freer
Updated:  2020-06-25
Source:  https://www.modeltalker.org/
Keywords:  languagecommunicationspeechphonologymorphologyEnglish



A database of phonological inventories of a wide variety of languages

Authors:  Steven MoranDaniel McCloy
Updated:  2019-12-24
Source:  https://phoible.org/
Keywords:  linguisticslanguagephonologyphonemesphoneme inventorydatabaselanguage structure

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Linguistic Annotated Bibliography

The Linguistic Annotated Bibliography is a database of linguistic norms, programs, and calcualtions sorted by language and different stimuli of single words and paired words.

Authors:  Erin Buchanan and Addie Wikowsky
Updated:  2018-12-24
Source:  https://wordnorms.com/
Keywords:  linguisticsphonologymorphologysemanticsexperimentsdatabase



The analysis of children’s phonological development.

Authors:  Brian MacWhinneyYvan RoseGreg Hedlund
Updated:  2017-08-28
Source:  https://phonbank.talkbank.org/
Keywords:  phonologychild-languageconversational-interactions

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Phonological Assessment and Treatment Target (PATT) Selection

The PATT is a useful protocol for conducting a thorough assessment of a child’s speech in order to strategically select treatment targets based on the child’s presenting sound system, language laws, and treatment efficacy research.

Authors:  Jessica BarlowJennifer Taps RichardHolly StorkelPhilip CombithsRay Amberg
Updated:  2016-12-24
Source:  https://cld.lab.uiowa.edu/resources-slps-0/patt-and-autopatt
Keywords:  phonologylinguisticsspeechlanguageEnglishSpanish

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Corpus Gesproken Nederlands (The Spoken Dutch Corpus)

The Spoken Dutch Corpus (CGN) contains 900 hours (and approximately 3.3 million words) of Dutch and Flemish speech.

Authors:  W.J.M. LeveltS.G. NooteboomJ. BilG.E. BooijP. DengisE. DeWallefA. HulkB. KrekelsC. LucasD. Van CompernolleW. Vonk
Updated:  2014-07-24
Source:  https://ivdnt.org/images/stories/producten/documentatie/cgn_website/doc_English/topics/index.htm
Keywords:  languagephonologysyntaxword-frequencyDutch


The World Atlas of Language Structures

The World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS) is a large database of structural (phonological, grammatical, lexical) properties of languages gathered from descriptive materials (such as reference grammars) by a team of 55 authors.

Authors:  Matthew S. DryerMartin Haspelmathet al.
Updated:  2013-12-24
Source:  https://wals.info/
Keywords:  phonologysemanticslinguisticsgrammarlexicaldatabaselanguage-structure



Wuggy is a pseudoword generator particularly geared towards making nonwords for psycholinguistic experiments.

Authors:  Emmanuel Keuleers and Marc Brysbaert
Updated:  2010-12-24
Source:  http://crr.ugent.be/programs-data/wuggy
Keywords:  linguisticspseudowordnonwordsphonologymorphologylexiconpsycholinguistics

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