Authors: Naomi CaselliKaren EmmoreyZed Sevcikova SehyrAriel Cohen-GoldbergCindy O'Grady Farnady
Updated: Thu 24 December 2020
Type: lexical and phonological database
Languages: English, American Sign Language
Keywords: American-Sign-Languagelexiconphonologymorphemesemantics
Open Access: yes
License: CC BY-NC 4.0
Publications: Sevcikova Sehyr, Z., Caselli, N., Cohen-Goldberg, A. M., & Emmorey, K. (2021). The ASL-LEX 2.0 Project: A database of lexical and phonological properties for 2,723 signs in American Sign Language. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education. ; Caselli, N., Sevcikova Sehyr, Z., Cohen-Goldberg, A. M., & Emmorey, K. (2017). ASL-LEX: A lexical database of American Sign Language. Behavior Research Methods, 49(2), 784-801. doi:10.3758/s13428-016-0742-0.
Citation: Caselli, N., Emmorey, K., Sevcikova Sehyr, Z., Cohen-Goldberg, A., O'Grady Farnady, C. (2020). ASL-LEX: A Lexical Database of American Sign Language. ASL-LEX.

ASL-LEX is a database consisting of over 2,000 American Sign Language signs with videos for reference of each sign. The lexicon includes phonological coding, neighborhood density, and phonotactic probability of the signs. Sign data can be viewed via the Network Graph and the Scatterplot View.