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Soundgen is an open-source toolbox for voice synthesis, manipulation, and analysis.

Authors:  Andrey Anikin
Updated:  2021-11-21
Source:  https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=soundgen
Keywords:  sound-synthesispitchexperimentfrequencyprogrammingacoustics

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Nasalization from Acoustic Features (NAF)

R code implementing a methodology for the automatic measurement of vowel nasalization from acoustic data.

Authors:  Christopher Carignan
Updated:  2021-02-04
Source:  https://github.com/ChristopherCarignan/NAF/
Keywords:  nasalizationphoneticsmachine-learningMFCCacousticsR

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Online platform with interactive applications for teaching fundamentals of acoustics and vibration.

Authors:  Lennart MoheitaJohannes D. SchmidJonas M. SchmidMartin EserSteffen Marburg
Updated:  2021-01-01
Source:  http://www.apps.vib.mw.tum.de/
Keywords:  educationspectruminformation-technologyacousticselectromagnetic-radiationboundary-element-methodsamplitude-modulationcomputer-graphicsnoise-barriersmusical-instrumentssound-generation


Acoustics and Vibration Animations

Animations illustrating acoustics, vibration, and wave phenomena.

Authors:  Daniel A. Russell
Updated:  2020-11-28
Source:  https://www.acs.psu.edu/drussell/demos.html
Keywords:  acousticsvibrationwavesanimationssound


ArtLex-en: Acoustic and EMA data on thousands of words and syllables spoken by a single speaker of American English

EMA and acoustic data on over 20,000 words and approximately 2,000 controlled syllables spoken in isolation by a single speaker of Midwestern American English.

Authors:  Charles RedmonSeulgi ShinPanying Rong
Updated:  2020-03-10
Source:  https://gitlab.com/chredmon/ku-artlex_eng1
Keywords:  electromagnetic-articulographyacousticslexiconenglish


Arizona Child Acoustic Database

The Arizona Child Acoustic Database is a longitudinal collection of audio samples from children between the ages of 2-7 years.

Authors:  Kate Bunton and Brad Story
Updated:  2018-06-20
Source:  https://repository.arizona.edu/handle/10150/316065
Keywords:  languagespeech-developmentacousticslinguisticsEnglish



A fully automated tool that estimates speech onset on the basis of multiple acoustic features extracted via multitaper spectral analysis.

Authors:  Frédéric RouxBlair C. ArmstrongManuel Carreiras
Updated:  2017-10-24
Source:  https://www.bcbl.eu/databases/chronset/
Keywords:  speechpsychologyexperimentlanguageacoustics

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Using vocal tract models in speech education

Tutorial paper on making and using vocal tract models to teach speech production and acoustics.

Authors:  Takayuki Arai
Updated:  2012-03-01
Source:  https://doi.org/10.1121/1.3677245
Keywords:  educationvocal-tract-modelsproductionacousticsdemos


Source Repetition Stimuli

We used a simple generative model to synthesize novel sounds with naturalistic properties. We found that such sounds could be segregated and identified if they occurred more than once across different mixtures, even when the same sounds were impossible to segregate in single mixtures.

Authors:  Josh H. McDermottDavid WrobleskiAndrew J. Oxenham
Updated:  2011-01-18
Source:  http://mcdermottlab.mit.edu/source_repetition/index.html
Keywords:  speechauditionsound-sourcesacousticsEnglish



A study into the underlying mechanisms of consonance.

Authors:  Josh H. McDermottAndriana J. LehrAndrew J. Oxenham
Updated:  2010-06-08
Source:  http://mcdermottlab.mit.edu/consonance_examples/index.html
Keywords:  frequencyharmonyacoustics

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