Authors: Lennart MoheitaJohannes D. SchmidJonas M. SchmidMartin EserSteffen Marburg
Updated: Fri 01 January 2021
Type: software (online)
Languages: N/A
Keywords: educationspectruminformation-technologyacousticselectromagnetic-radiationboundary-element-methodsamplitude-modulationcomputer-graphicsnoise-barriersmusical-instrumentssound-generation
Open Access: yes (for academic use)
License: COMSOL Application License 5.4
Documentation: [accessible within individual apps]
Publications: Moheita et al. (2021)
Citation: Moheita, L., Schmid, J. D., Schmid, J. M., Eser, M., & Marburg, S. (2021). Acoustics Apps: Interactive simulations for digital teaching and learning of acoustics. *Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 149*(2), 1175-1182. DOI:

Online platform with interactive applications for teaching fundamentals of acoustics and vibration.