Authors: Andrey Anikin
Updated: Sun 21 November 2021
Type: R-package
Languages: cross-linguistic
Keywords: sound-synthesispitchexperimentfrequencyprogrammingacoustics
Open Access: yes
License: GPL-2 | GPL-3
Publications: Anikin, A. (2019). Soundgen: An open-source tool for synthesizing nonverbal vocalizations. Behavior Research Methods. 51(2), 778–792.
Citation: Anikin, A. (2021). Soundgen: Sound Synthesis and Acoustic Analysis. CRAN.

Performs parametric synthesis of sounds with harmonic and noise components such as animal vocalizations or human voice. Also offers tools for audio manipulation and acoustic analysis, including pitch tracking, spectral analysis, audio segmentation, pitch and formant shifting, etc. Includes four interactive web apps for synthesizing and annotating audio, manually correcting pitch contours, and measuring formant frequencies.