NIM is a search engine designed to look for the collection of psycholinguistic research materials. Its purpose is to simplify the task of researchers during the preparation and design of experiments.

Authors:  Marc GuaschRoger BoadaPilar FerréRosa Sánchez-CasasAntonio MasipEnric Sunyer
Updated:  2021-02-18
Keywords:  psycholinguisticslexiconword-recognitionEnglishSpanishCatalan

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SemDis uses advances in natural language processing to automatically determine how closely associated texts are to each other. Higher SemDis scores indicate two texts are less related, that is, they are more distantly related ideas or concepts.

Authors:  Dan Johnson & Roger Beaty
Updated:  2020-02-18
Keywords:  languagesemanticsword-recognitionEnglish

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The French Lexicon Project

The French Lexicon Project contains lexical decision times for over 38,000 French words.

Authors:  Ludovic FerrandBoris NewMarc BrysbaertEmmanuel KeuleersPatrick BoninAlain MeotMaria AugustinovaChristophe Pallier
Updated:  2020-02-03
Keywords:  lexiconvocabularyFrenchword-frequencyword-recognition

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The English Crowdsourcing Project (L1 Speakers)

The English Crowdsourcing Project (L1 speakers) contains word recognition times for 61,851 English words in a Y/N vocabulary recognition task.

Authors:  Pawel ManderaEmmanuel KeuleersMarc Brysbaert
Updated:  2019-07-31
Keywords:  word-recognitionlexical-decisioncrowdsourcing

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The Dutch Crowdsourcing Project

The Dutch Crowdsourcing Project contains word recognition times for 54,319 Dutch words in a Y/N vocabulary recognition task.

Authors:  Marc BrysbaertEmmanuel KeuleersPawel Mandera
Updated:  2019-07-17
Keywords:  lexiconDutchword-recognitionpsycholinguistic

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Time Invariant String Kernel Model

TISK is the Time Invariant String Model of (human) spoken word recognition.

Authors:  Heejo YouThomas HannaganJames Magnuson
Updated:  2017-12-15
Keywords:  word-recognitionphoneticspythonEnglish


Age of Acquisition Ratings

We collected age-of-acquisition (AoA) ratings for 30,121 English content words (nouns, verbs, and adjectives).

Authors:  Marc BrysbaertHans Stadthagen-GonzalezVictor Kuperman
Updated:  2017-11-18
Keywords:  lexiconword-recognitionage-of-acquisitionlinguistics

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AUditory syntaX (AUX)

AUX (AUditory syntaX) is a scripting syntax specifically designed to describe and process auditory signals. In a nutshell, it consists of 1) functions to create and process sound signals, 2) operators particularly relevant to sounds, and 3) usual mathematic operations that you may find in any programming language.

Authors:  Bomjun J. Kwon
Updated:  2016-07-20
Keywords:  speechlanguageauditionpsychoacousticword-recognitionexperimenteducationprogrammingEnglish


Dutch Age-of-Acquisition and Concreteness Ratings

We have collected age-of-acquisition norms and concreteness norms for 30,000 Dutch words.

Authors:  Marc BrysbaertMichaël StevensSimon De DeyneWouter Voorspoelsand Gert Storms
Updated:  2014-04-23
Keywords:  Dutchword-recognitionconcretenessage-of-acquisitionlexicon

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Spanish Confusions Corpus

Behavioral data and stimuli from a large-scale corpus of noise-induced misperceptions in Spanish.

Authors:  Máté Attila TóthMaría Luisa García LecumberriYan TangMartin Cooke
Updated:  2014-01-01
Keywords:  misperceptionserrorsword-recognitionnoisespanishaudio-databehavioral-data

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