Efficient Headphone Screen

Conducting online auditory experiments? A new headphone test to help you to efficiently screen out participants who probably aren't using headphones.

Authors:  Alice E. MilneRoberta BiancoKatarina C. PooleSijia ZhaoAndrew J. OxenhamAlexander J. BilligMaria Chait
Updated:  2021-07-28
Keywords:  auditionexperimentstimulinoiseEnglish

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Spanish Confusions Corpus

Behavioral data and stimuli from a large-scale corpus of noise-induced misperceptions in Spanish.

Authors:  Máté Attila TóthMaría Luisa García LecumberriYan TangMartin Cooke
Updated:  2014-01-01
Keywords:  misperceptionserrorsword-recognitionnoisespanishaudio-databehavioral-data


Cocktail Party Problem

The cocktail party problem is the task of hearing a sound of interest, often a speech signal, in a complex auditory setting.

Authors:  Josh H. McDermott
Updated:  2009-02-18
Keywords:  auditionspeechnoisefrequencyEnglish