Efficient Headphone Screen

Conducting online auditory experiments? A new headphone test to help you to efficiently screen out participants who probably aren't using headphones.

Authors:  Alice E. MilneRoberta BiancoKatarina C. PooleSijia ZhaoAndrew J. OxenhamAlexander J. BilligMaria Chait
Updated:  2021-07-28
Keywords:  auditionexperimentstimulinoiseEnglish

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Headphone Check

This code implements a headphone screening task intended to facilitate web-based experiments employing auditory stimuli.

Authors:  Kevin J.P. WoodsMax H. SiegelJames TraerJosh H. McDermottRay GonzalezKelsey Allen
Updated:  2020-06-02
Keywords:  auditionexperimentstimulipure-tone


Natural Sounds Stimulus Set

The sound set includes 165 natural sounds, each 2-seconds in duration. The sounds were intended to include many of the sounds people commonly hear in their daily life.

Authors:  Sam Norman-HaignereNancy G. KanwisherJosh H. McDermott
Updated:  2015-11-18
Keywords:  speechmusicstimulifrequencyGermanFrenchItalianRussianHindiChinese