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Phonotactic Probability Calculator

Used to calculate the phonotactic probabilities of real English, Arabic, and Spanish words or specially constructed nonwords. Analyses can be performed on words or nonwords up to 17 phonemes in length.

Authors:  Michael Vitevitch
Updated:  2018-12-24
Source:  https://calculator.ku.edu/phonotactic/about
Keywords:  phonotactic-probabilitypsychologyphoneticslanguage-processingArabicEnglishSpanish


Model-Matched Sounds

Cochleograms and sound files are shown for example stimuli from the model-matching experiment.

Authors:  Sam V. Norman-Haignere & Josh H. McDermott
Updated:  2018-12-03
Source:  http://mcdermottlab.mit.edu/svnh/model-matching/Stimuli_from_Model-Matching_Experiment.html
Keywords:  auditionsensoryauditory-cortexneuroscienceEnglish


Inharmonic Speech Segregation

Inharmonic speech demos showing sound segregation.

Authors:  Sara PophamDana BoebingerDan P. W. EllisHideki KawaharaJosh H. McDermott
Updated:  2018-05-29
Source:  http://mcdermottlab.mit.edu/inharmonic_speech_examples/index.html
Keywords:  sound-sourcesbrainfrequencyharmonicsEnglish


Texture-Time Averaging

Audio files showing the adaptive and selective time-averaging of auditory scenes.

Authors:  Richard McWalter & Josh McDermott
Updated:  2018-05-07
Source:  http://mcdermottlab.mit.edu/textint.html
Keywords:  perceptionsensory-inputaudition


Schema Learning for the Cocktail Party Problem

The cocktail party problem requires listeners to infer individual sound

Authors:  Kevin J.P. Woods & Josh H. McDermott
Updated:  2018-04-03
Source:  http://mcdermottlab.mit.edu/schema_learning/index.html
Keywords:  sound-sourcesauditionschema

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Combinatorial Expressive Speech Engine

C.L.E.E.S.E. (Combinatorial Expressive Speech Engine) is a tool designed to generate an infinite number of natural-sounding, expressive variations around an original speech recording.

Authors:  Juan José BurredEmmanuel Ponsot
Updated:  2018-03-24
Source:  http://cream.ircam.fr/?p=521
Keywords:  languagespeechpitchFrenchEnglishJapanese

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ANGUS is a real-time voice transformation tool able to simulate cues of arousal/roughness on arbitrary voice signals with a high degree of realism.

Authors:  Marco LiuniLuc Ardaillon
Updated:  2018-03-07
Source:  http://cream.ircam.fr/?p=787
Keywords:  languagevoicevocal-tractEnglish


Tool for the Automatic Analysis of Lexical Sophistication

TAALES is a tool that measures over 400 classic and new indices of lexical sophistication, and includes indices related to a wide range of sub-constructs.

Authors:  Kristopher KyleScott CrossleyCynthia Berger
Updated:  2018-02-08
Source:  https://www.linguisticanalysistools.org/taales.html
Keywords:  languagelexiconcommunicationEnglish


ASL Signbank

An annotation tool for ASL videos with ELAN and ASL SLAASH conventions

Authors:  Julie A. HochgesangOnno CrasbornDiane Lillo-Martin.
Updated:  2017-12-24
Source:  https://aslsignbank.haskins.yale.edu/
Keywords:  ASLglossestranslationEnglishVideo

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Time Invariant String Kernel Model

TISK is the Time Invariant String Model of (human) spoken word recognition.

Authors:  Heejo YouThomas HannaganJames Magnuson
Updated:  2017-12-15
Source:  https://github.com/maglab-uconn/TISK1.0
Keywords:  word-recognitionphoneticspythonEnglish

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