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2i2c designs, develops, and operates JupyterHubs in the cloud for communities of practice in research & education. It builds and supports open source infrastructure that serves these communities.

Authors:  Chris HoldgrafCathryn CarsonFernando PerezJim CollianderLindsey HeagyRyan AbernatheyYuvi Panda
Updated:  2021-09-16
Source:  https://2i2c.org/
Keywords:  educationexperimentationcomputing



A tool performing online perceptual experiments.

Authors:  Miguel A. Lago
Updated:  2020-12-24
Source:  https://simplephy.psych.ucsb.edu/
Keywords:  Experimentationperceptionremotedata collection


SNAFU: the Semantic Network and Fluency Utility

A set of resources for analyzing fluency data

Authors:  Jeffrey C. Zemla & Joseph L. Austerweil
Updated:  2018-12-24
Source:  https://github.com/AusterweilLab/snafu-py
Keywords:  linguisticssemanticsexperimentationage of acquisitionfluency

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