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FreeSurfer is an open source package for the analysis and visualization of structural, functional, and diffusion neuroimaging data from cross-sectional and longitudinal studies.

Authors:  Bruce FischlAnders DaleMartin SerenoDoug Greve
Updated:  2022-01-13
Keywords:  neuroimagingpsychologyneuropsychologytoolboxdata

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The Pair Test

The Pair Test offers improved diagnosis, with more precise indication on the nature of the memory deficit and the underlying processing impairment in patients with known or suspected pathology in the temporal lobe.

Authors:  Sarah Buck
Updated:  2021-05-07
Keywords:  memorypsychologylearningneuropsychologyEnglish


The Emotion Recognition Task

The ERT is a computerized task to assess the perception of facial expressions. The task presents morphed facial expressions that gradually increase in intensity.

Authors:  Barbara MontagneRoy KesselsDavid PerrettEdward de Haan
Updated:  2020-09-22
Keywords:  emotionpsychologyneuropsychologycognitionDutchEnglishGermanFrenchSpanishFinnishItalianRussianLithuanianGreekPortugueseTurkish


The Nijmegen-Venray Confabulation List (NVCL-20)

The NVCL-20 is an observation scale to measure spontaneous confabulation. This scale's items cover spontaneous confabulation, provoked confabulation, and memory and orientation.

Authors:  Yvonne C. M. RensenJoukje M. OostermanJessica E. van DammeSonja I. A. GriekspoorArie J. WesterMichael D. Kopelman& Roy P. C. Kessels
Updated:  2015-11-11
Keywords:  psychologymemorylanguageneuropsychologyEnglishDutch