3D Brain

Authors: Matt WimsattJack SimpsonJohn MorrisonPatrick HofEdward LeinLevi GadyeAlexis WnukJane Roskams
Updated: Sun 24 December 2017
Source: https://www.brainfacts.org/3d-brain#intro=true
Type: software (online)
Languages: English
Keywords: brainpsychologycognitionEnglish
Open Access: yes
License: CC BY-NC
Citation: Wimsatt, M., Simpson, J., Morrison, J., Hof, P., Lein, E., Gadye, L., Wnuk, A., Roskams, J. 2017. 3D Brain. BrainFacts.org. https://www.brainfacts.org/3d-brain#intro=true

The human brain is the most complex biological structure in the known universe. Its roughly 86 billion nerve cells power all of our thoughts, perceptions, memories, emotions, and actions. It’s what inspires us to build cities and compels us to gaze at the stars. This 3D model can be used by students, researchers, and educators to explore the make-up of the brain.