Efficient Headphone Screen

Conducting online auditory experiments? A new headphone test to help you to efficiently screen out participants who probably aren't using headphones.

Authors:  Alice E. MilneRoberta BiancoKatarina C. PooleSijia ZhaoAndrew J. OxenhamAlexander J. BilligMaria Chait
Updated:  2021-07-28
Keywords:  auditionexperimentstimulinoiseEnglish

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An open-source package for running experiments in Python.

Authors:  Jonathan W. PeirceJeremy R. GraySol SimpsonMichael R. MacAskillRichard HöchenbergerHiroyuki SogoErik KastmanJonas K. Lindeløv
Updated:  2021-04-15
Keywords:  pythonexperimentneurosciencelinguisticspsychologypsychophysicspsycholinguisticsexperiment-controlexperimental-design



Pavlovia is a place for the wide community of researchers in the behavioural sciences to run, share, and explore experiments online.

Authors:  Jonathan W. Peirce
Updated:  2021-01-22
Keywords:  behaviorexperimentrepositorypsychology

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A free, open source Python 3D graphics library called Ratcave that extends existing Python psychology stimulus software by allowing scientists to load, display, and transform 3D stimuli created in 3D modeling software.

Authors:  Nicholas A. Del Grosso & Anton Sirota
Updated:  2020-12-18
Keywords:  psychologyPythonexperimentsoftwareEnglish

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System for Teaching Experimental Psychology

The goal of STEP was to facilitate the use of E-Prime in various learning contexts. Part of this goal was achieved by creating and hosting a large set of classic experiments implemented in E-Prime.

Authors:  Brian MacWhinneySusan CampbellPing LiChris Schunnand James St. James
Updated:  2020-09-23
Keywords:  experimentdata-collectionpsychologyE-Prime

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StimuliApp is a free app designed to create psychophysical tests with precise timing on iOS and iPadOS devices.

Authors:  Rafael Marin-CamposJoseph DalmauAlbert CompteDaniel Linares
Updated:  2020-09-22
Keywords:  psychophysicsexperimentauditionvisual-stimulation

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BITTSy: Behavioral Infant & Toddler Testing System

BITTSy is capable of running key infant behavioral testing paradigms, including Headturn Preference Procedure [HPP], Preferential Looking, and Visual Fixation/Habituation, through the same interface.

Authors:  Rochelle NewmanEmily ShroadsElizabeth JohnsonRuth TincoffKris OnishiGiovanna Morini
Updated:  2020-09-04
Keywords:  child-developmentsoftwareexperimentbehaviorEnglish

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Headphone Check

This code implements a headphone screening task intended to facilitate web-based experiments employing auditory stimuli.

Authors:  Kevin J.P. WoodsMax H. SiegelJames TraerJosh H. McDermottRay GonzalezKelsey Allen
Updated:  2020-06-02
Keywords:  auditionexperimentstimulipure-tone

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Spatial Orientation Test

On each trial of the SOT, people are shown an array of objects; they have to imagine being located at one object, facing a second object (the orienting cue). They must indicate the direction of a third object (the target object) by drawing a line from the center of the circle in the direction believed to be correct.

Authors:  Alinda FriedmanAlexander Paul BooneBernd KohlerMary Hegarty
Updated:  2020-05-26
Keywords:  psychologyexperimentspatial-abilityperspectiveEnglish

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CMU Sphinx is a set of speech recognition development libraries and tools that can be linked in to speech-enable applications.

Authors:  Evandro GouveaPeter GorniakPhilip KwokPaul LamereBeth LoganPedro MorenoBhiksha RajMosur RavishankarBent Schmidt-NielsenRita SinghJM Van ThongWillie WalkerManfred WarmuthJoe WoelfelPeter Wolf
Updated:  2019-10-23
Keywords:  speechprogrammingJavaexperimentEnglishFrenchMandarinGermanDutchRussian

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