Authors: Walter Schneider and Anthony Zuccolotto
Updated: Fri 24 December 2021
Source: https://pstnet.com/products/e-prime/
Type: software
Languages: cross-linguistic
Keywords: softwareexperimenttimingdata-collection
Open Access: yes
Documentation: https://pstnet.com/e-prime-publications/
Citation: Schneider, W., & Zuccolotto, A. (2001). E-primeĀ®: Psychology software tools. Psychology Software Tools | Solutions for Research, Assessment, and Education. https://pstnet.com/products/e-prime/

100,000+ users in research institutions across 75 countries have made E-Prime the world-leading stimulus presentation software. You can host your experiments on our site and share the link with your participants. Once the participant completes the experiment, their data will be automatically uploaded to your account.