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Corpus of Dutch Sign Language

The NGT is a collection data from deaf signers using Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT).

Authors:  Onno CrasbornInge ZwitserloodJohan Ros
Updated:  2020-12-24
Source:  https://www.corpusngt.nl/
Keywords:  languagecommunicationDutch-Sign-Language



A database of word norms for French

Authors:  Arielle SyssauAdil YakhloufiEdouard GiudicelliCatherine MonnierRoyce Anders
Updated:  2020-12-24
Source:  https://www.researchgate.net/publication/338622765_FANCat_database
Keywords:  FrenchWord NormsEmotionValenceArousal

open   documented  

The English Crowdsourcing Project (L2 speakers)

The English Crowdsourcing Project (L2) contains word recognition times for 61,851 English words in a Y/N vocabulary recognition task.

Authors:  Marc BrysbaertEmmanuel KeuleersPawel Mandera
Updated:  2020-05-18
Source:  http://crr.ugent.be/programs-data/lexicon-projects
Keywords:  word-prevalenceword-frequencyword-knowledgecrowdsourcinglanguage-acquisitionvocabulary


Corpus of Contemporary American English

The Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) is the only large, genre-balanced corpus of American English.

Authors:  Mark Davies
Updated:  2020-03-24
Source:  https://www.english-corpora.org/coca/
Keywords:  Englishcorporalinguisticsfrequency-dataword-form


ArtLex-en: Acoustic and EMA data on thousands of words and syllables spoken by a single speaker of American English

EMA and acoustic data on over 20,000 words and approximately 2,000 controlled syllables spoken in isolation by a single speaker of Midwestern American English.

Authors:  Charles RedmonSeulgi ShinPanying Rong
Updated:  2020-03-10
Source:  https://gitlab.com/chredmon/ku-artlex_eng1
Keywords:  electromagnetic-articulographyacousticslexiconenglish

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The French Lexicon Project

The French Lexicon Project contains lexical decision times for over 38,000 French words.

Authors:  Ludovic FerrandBoris NewMarc BrysbaertEmmanuel KeuleersPatrick BoninAlain MeotMaria AugustinovaChristophe Pallier
Updated:  2020-02-03
Source:  https://osf.io/f8kc4/
Keywords:  lexiconvocabularyFrenchword-frequencyword-recognition


Auditory English Lexicon Project

The Auditory English Lexicon Project (AELP) is a multi-talker, multi-region psycholinguistic database of 10,170 spoken words and 10,170 spoken nonwords.

Authors:  Winston D. GohMelvin J. YapQian Wen Chee
Updated:  2019-12-24
Source:  https://inetapps.nus.edu.sg/aelp/
Keywords:  psycholinguisticsdatabaselexiconauditionsemanticsEnglish


Corpus-derived Chinese Lexical Association Database

Authors:  Shu-Yen LinHsueh-Chih ChenTao-Hsing ChangWei-En Lee & Yao-Ting Sung
Updated:  2019-12-24
Source:  http://www.chinesereadability.net/LexicalAssociation/CLAD/
Keywords:  chineseLexical AssociationCorpus


Large database of English compounds

A large database of English two-constituent compounds.

Authors:  Christina GagneThomas SpaldingDaniel Schmidtke
Updated:  2019-12-24
Source:  https://era.library.ualberta.ca/items/dc3b9033-14d0-48d7-b6fa-6398a30e61e4
Keywords:  psycholinguisticscompoundspragmaticsEnglish



Authors:  Li YingTomas EngelthalarCynthia SiewThomas Hills
Updated:  2019-12-24
Source:  http://macroscope.intelligence-media.com/index.html
Keywords:  CorpusPsycholinguisticsEnglishComputational LinguisticsDistributional Semantics

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