Global Signbank

Authors: Onno CrasbornSteve Cassidy
Updated: Sat 24 April 2021
Type: lexical database
Languages: Sign Language of the Netherlands
Keywords: languagemorphemehandshapesign-language-of-the-Netherlands
Open Access: no
Publications: Crasborn, O., Zwitserlood, I., van der kooij, E., Ormel, E. (2020). Global SignBank manual, version 2. 10.13140/RG.2.2.16205.67045/1. ; Crasborn, O., Zwitserlood, I., van der kooij, E., Schüller, A. (2018). Global SignBank manual. 10.13140/RG.2.2.36603.82729.
Citation: Global Signbank. Radboud University.

Global Signbank is a lexical database for sign languages. It is the successor to the NGT Signbank, the lexical database of the annotated NGT corpora at Radboud University, which include: ECHO corpus, Corpus NGT, and Handy Signs. The lexical database does not presently serve as a dictionary. For each data set, specific conditions apply as to (open or restricted) access.