Ghent Eye-Tracking Corpus

Authors: Uschi CopNicolas DirixDenis DriegheWouter Duyck
Updated: Sun 30 April 2017
Type: Eye Tracking Corpus
Languages: Dutch, English
Keywords: DutchEnglishEye TrackingCorpus
Open Access: yes
Publications: Cop, U., Dirix, N., Drieghe, D. et al. Presenting GECO: An eyetracking corpus of monolingual and bilingual sentence reading. Behav Res 49, 602–615 (2017).

GECO, the Ghent Eye-Tracking Corpus, is a monolingual and bilingual corpus of the eyetracking data of participants reading a complete novel. English monolinguals and Dutch–English bilinguals read an entire novel, which was presented in paragraphs on the screen.