Real-time MRI IPA Charts

Real-time MRI data from phoneticians producing the sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet, together with standard sentences and texts.

Authors:  Asterios ToutiosSajan Goud LingalaColin VazJangwon KimJohn EslingPatricia KeatingMatthew GordonDani ByrdLouis GoldsteinKrishna NayakShrikanth Narayanan
Updated:  2016-09-08
Keywords:  IPAphoneticsspeech-soundsarticulationMRIreal-time-MRI


The Nijmegen-Venray Confabulation List (NVCL-20)

The NVCL-20 is an observation scale to measure spontaneous confabulation. This scale's items cover spontaneous confabulation, provoked confabulation, and memory and orientation.

Authors:  Yvonne C. M. RensenJoukje M. OostermanJessica E. van DammeSonja I. A. GriekspoorArie J. WesterMichael D. Kopelman& Roy P. C. Kessels
Updated:  2015-11-11
Keywords:  psychologymemorylanguageneuropsychologyEnglishDutch


Sensory Systems - Companion Activities

Simple activities and demonstrations to use along with the Sensory Systems apps to enhance the experience of each sense. All use inexpensive or on-hand materials and can be used in a variety of ways.

Authors:  University of Utah Health Sciences: Genetic Science Learning Center
Updated:  2015-09-22
Keywords:  sensoryeducationhearingvisionproprioceptiontouchtastesmellEnglish

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Program for Open-Ended Scoring

The Program for Open-Ended Scoring (POES) is a computer program used to score open-ended tests. It was originally designed to score the Levels of Emotional Aareness Scale (LEAS), but it can also be used to score other text material.

Authors:  Duncan Ermini Leaf & Kimberly A. Barchard
Updated:  2013-09-22
Keywords:  psychologyeducationemotionPythonEnglish

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Using vocal tract models in speech education

Tutorial paper on making and using vocal tract models to teach speech production and acoustics.

Authors:  Takayuki Arai
Updated:  2012-03-01
Keywords:  educationvocal-tract-modelsproductionacousticsdemos


Alberta Language Environment Questionnaire

The ALEQ consists of questions about family demographics, language use among family members in the home, and other aspects of an ESL child's language environment.

Authors:  Johanne Paradis
Updated:  2011-09-22
Keywords:  language-developmentenvironmentlanguage-exposurebehaviorspeech-pathologymultilingual


Alberta Language Development Questionnaire

The ALDeQ consists of questions for parents concerning the early and current development of an ESL child's first language. The purpose is to understand whether there may be evidence of delay or difficulties in the first language.

Authors:  Johanne ParadisKristyn EmmerzaelTamara Sorenson Duncan
Updated:  2010-01-25
Keywords:  language-developmentbehaviorlanguage-delaymultilingualspeech-pathology


Bilingual Aphasia Test (BAT)

The Bilingual Aphasia Test (BAT) was designed to assess each of the languages of a bilingual or multilingual individual with aphasia in an equivalent way.

Authors:  McGill University Neurolinguistics Lab
Updated:  2009-09-22
Keywords:  bilinguialspeechaphasialanguagelinguistics


Interactive IPA Chart

An interactive chart for the pronounciations of the international phonetic alphabet.

Authors:  Peter Isotalo
Updated:  2003-09-22
Keywords:  IPAphoneticslinguisticsarticulation


Liberman et al. (1957) Continuum

Synthetic speech stimuli generated by the Pattern Playback for use in the demonstration of categorical perception of plosive place of articulation in Liberman et al. (1957).

Authors:  Alvin M. LibermanKatherine S. HarrisHoward S. HoffmanBelver C. Griffith
Updated:  1957-09-22
Keywords:  categorical-perceptionformantspattern-playbackcontinuumplaceplosiveenglish

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