Authors: Henrik SingmannDavid KellenQuentin GronauChristian MuellerAkhil S. Bhel
Updated: Tue 13 July 2021
Type: R Package
Languages: N/A
Keywords: cognitionexperimentsoftwareRpsychology
Open Access: yes
License: GPL-2, GPL-3
Publications: Singmann, H., Kellen, D. (2013). MPTinR: Analysis of multinomial processing tree models in R. Behavior Research Methods. 45, 560–575.
Citation: Singmann, H., Kellen, D., Gronau, Q., Mueller, C., Bhel, A. (2021). MPTinR: Analyze Multinomial Processing Tree Models. CRAN.r-project.

We introduce MPTinR, a software package developed for the analysis of multinomial processing tree (MPT) models. MPT models represent a prominent class of cognitive measurement models for categorical data with applications in a wide variety of fields. MPTinR is the first software for the analysis of MPT models in the statistical programming language R, providing a modeling framework that is more flexible than standalone software packages. MPTinR also introduces important features such as (1) the ability to calculate the Fisher information approximation measure of model complexity for MPT models, (2) the ability to fit models for categorical data outside the MPT model class, such as signal detection models, (3) a function for model selection across a set of nested and nonnested candidate models (using several model selection indices), and (4) multicore fitting.